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Fastforward Five Years

Pinch me... am I dreaming? Turn back the clock to the fall of 2013. A chance opportunity. Seized. Dream realized. Now, beyond wildest dreams..

My own tiny shop! Selling MY handmade, lucisous, meaningful soaps!

If you know me at all, you know I do love to share. In honor of 5 very productive years, I am sharing with a company I discovered less than a year ago. As I watched CNN Heroes, I found myself crying tears of gratitude for one of the top heroes...SAMIR LAKHANI. He founded Eco-Soap Bank. You must watch his video and visit the website to see how and why it touched my soul. Between the kids, soap, and education, I rejoiced that such a guy existed! I immediately sent a donation on behalf of HAVASOAP. I wanted to do more for him and his company. Starting NOW...all of Havasoap "oops" soaps (under sized, slightly flawed in design) will be recycled into loaves, cut in nice size pieces, and all profits from the sale of those soaps will go to Eco-Soap to help with the educational aspect of their company. I am, and always will be an educator. You can't take that out of this lady! Believing in being "neighbor nice", I will be sharing with people who NEED this very necessary staple. Talk about a win/win! The OOPS- we've done it again soaps will sell for a mere 4.00 (tax is included in price). Our way of paying back....Thank you, Samir! Thank you Eco-Soap Bank, and most of all THANK YOU, HAVASOAP customers!!! Let's spread the suds!!!!

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