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Anyone who has ever visited HAVASOAP knows that this shop isn't just about soap.  It is a SOAP EXPERIENCE!  Good clean fun for everyone!  
To make sure of that, the soap lady's mind is constantly bubbling with new ideas.  
Recently she has been busily making "favorites" to make certain she has enough ready when the population of Havasu doubles come November!  Those favorites are: sleepytime, peppy peppermint, cedar and saffron, tart lemon, and of course THE LONDON BRIDGE (desert sage).  
Being a firm bliever that variety truly is THE SPICE OF LIFE, she offers something new each week.  
In November, there will be a "soap of the month".  It will be something seasonal, special and ON SALE!  
HAVASOAP is a happy little place with wonderful scents and so many choices.  There IS a soap for everyone.  
The location is ideal for both locals and visitors.  Free parking, the BEST view of the bridge, and easy access.
Everyday it is delightful to hear people say how happy they are that things down by the bridge are looking so much better.  The fountain is up and running, and the lions are all in action!  
Even if you don't need a bar of soap, stop by for a chat!  There is always something bubbling in the soap lady's head, and she would love to share that with you!
HAVASOAP is for you...if you want local businesses to stay.. you MUST support them.  
Beginning November 1, HAVASOAP will be open Tuesday- Saturday 11-3.
For the remainder of October, the days are: Friday and Saturday 11-3 or by appointment.

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